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a bowl of ramen


Noodles are comfort food that people across the world enjoy. At Zake Sushi & Ramen, we bring you traditional ramen to satisfy your craving for something hot and delicious. Using only the freshest ingredients and handmade noodles, we bring you a bowl of tasty ramen or udon that will capture your taste buds and your heart. A tasty and filling meal, all of our noodle dishes are fresh and simmered to perfection in delicious broths with layers of flavor before being loaded with vegetables and meat. Our ramen restaurant believes in providing consistent quality and following time-honored traditions to bring you the best Japanese cuisine in Katy, TX. With our extensive menu and wide selection of options to choose from, we allow you the opportunity to sample everything our restaurant has to offer. We serve various traditional noodle dishes, including miso ramen, beef ramen, yaki udon, soba, and much more. All of our meals are made with care and full of authentic flavor. If you are looking for the best ramen in the area, we are the perfect place to bring the whole family. We are proud to offer handmade noodles finely crafted by our artisan chef. Visit us for sushi ramen and more today.

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